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Florida shooting aftermath (Archives)

Good evening everybody,

It seems that current events found a tragic way to coincide with our curriculum. As you all know I am sure, a shooting occurred in a high school in Florida last week. Here is a little selection you can read or watch: an editorial from a student of the school; a video from another student’s extremely powerful speech at a rally (it’s been trending on social media so you might have seen some extracts already and I have added a link with the transcript to her speech if you need it); an article by the man who wrote the text we are studying, whose son died in a shooting as well.
These are just a few and they’re all from the New York Times. So if you’re interested in knowing more about this shooting and/or what’s going to happen now (if anything), browse the Internet for serious media sources.

I am obviously available to answer any question you might have.

Your favorite English teacher 😉


English information

Hello all,
As explained in class, you will find in this article:

– the correction and explanation of the « synthèse » you worked on nsa_synthesis_correction
– the file for the optional « synthèse » if you feel like doing it. It is on the same topic and was the 2014 exam subject for Centrale 12_Centrale_Supelec_TSI_Anglais_Sujet2014

Enjoy the holidays and merry Xmas!

Your favorite English teacher 😉